The Multiple Myeloma Support Group is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting multiple myeloma patients and their caregivers, families, and loved ones.

Group Facilitators and Other Key Personnel

The most important people in our support group are those who attend our meetings and share their experiences with others. That said, listed below are names and contact information for meeting facilitators and other key personnel. Many of these folks have been diagnosed and treated for more than 10 years and are happy to share their experiences and insights with you. Feel free to contact any of them by phone or email with any questions you have, ideas for meeting speakers, or other support group inquiries.

Contact Forms

Facilitators for Monthly Meeting

Jack Aiello: Website manager, distributes group emails, coordinates carpool requests, advocacy

Neil Collier: Provides new patient packets

Theresa Timpson: Maintains and emails monthly meeting announcements to roster

Other Key Personnel

Ed Jaramillo: Advocacy

Jeanine Manson: Treasurer