2018 (Date - Location)

Unless otherwise noted, all of our meetings are from 10am-1pm (3rd Sat of every month)

Jan 20, 2018-  Stanford  Speaker: Dr. David Iberri, Stanford, "New Therapies for MM, Including CAR-T"

Feb 17 - Oakland  

Mar 17 - S.SF Kaiser

Apr 21 - Walnut Creek Speaker: Kyle C, Patient Ambassador "My Ninlaro Story"

May 19 - Stanford  Speaker: Dr. Michaela Liedtke, Stanford "Myeloma Treatment over the Next 5 Years"

Jun 16 - Oakland

Jul 21 - S.SF Kaiser  Speaker: Jenny Ahlstrom, MM Pt and Founder, of www.MyelomaCrowd.org "HealthTree software"; Jack Aiello, "IMWG Updates"                                                            

Aug 18 - Walnut Creek

Sep 15 -  Stanford Speaker: Arun Wiita, MD, PhD UCSF "CRISPR: A Breakthrough Method  to Change the Genome and How It May Impact Myeloma Patients"

Oct 20 - S. SF Kaiser  Speaker: Dr. William Buchholz, ret. Integrated Oncologist & Norma Jean Bodey (MM patient) discuss “Reflections on End of Life Care by Patient and Doctor Team”

Nov 17 - S.SF Kaiser

Dec 15 - Walnut Creek
  Speaker: Jack Aiello to share ASH18 highlights
  Pot Luck